The Greatest Awakening

We watched Surrounded on TBN last nite. I had goosebumps and tears throughout as watching this was such an exciting and incredible answer to years and years of intercession! Multitudes of multigenerational, culturally diverse backgrounds, and “denominations” – from young children through youth through young adult through middle age through elderly – gathered together in one place to worship with arms lifted high, our glorious King! Goal: great awakening! This event took place in Nashville, TN, at Bridgestone Arena. We participated in a similar gathering in Atlanta, GA, at Stone Mountain this summer. I know similar gatherings are transpiring in CA, NC, MN, MO, TX and all over the world, i.e. from the smallest gathering in an underground house church in a persecuted nation to the largest stadium gatherings all over the world.

The greatest awakening to ever hit the Earth has begun for the glory of One! This awakening is not about children, not about youth, not about skin color, not about economic status or educational level, not about religion, not about any one man or ministry, but rather, it’s about a multigenerational blood of Jesus  red wave Bride/Body making herself ready for Him to advance the Church HE is building on Earth that the gates of hell will not prevail against. This awakening focuses on being one with our Father, by being one in the Son, by giving Holy Spirit the conductor’s baton to connect and release Heaven on Earth through Spirit and Truth worshipers who possess Kingdom life within. These are the sons of the Most High the entire Earth has been groaning for the manifestation of in the midst of deep darkness covering the Earth. We will arise and shine with His light as His ambassadors of love all for His glory! What an amazing and profound time to be seated in Heavenly places with Christ!!!

The Mountain

The Mountain
Copyright 2018 Tammy Sorenson

I am a mountain with endless flowing streams
Embracing a waterfall that powerfully roars and beams.
I am a difficult, far reaching climb
Not looking back or falling behind.
Persisting up, up, up
The ascent has been long.
Yet in not giving up and in the pressing on
I hear the sound of a new song.
At the top of me with my streams and my falls
Is a majestic view – one over all.
To behold my King from the top of me
Empowers new listening and new eyes to see.
How immeasurably I am loved, how immensely I am blessed!
I am home as this mountain, no longer a guest.
The land of my promise, the land that is free
I am finally right where You’ve called me to be.