The Mountain

The Mountain
Copyright 2018 Tammy Sorenson

I am a mountain with endless flowing streams
Embracing a waterfall that powerfully roars and beams.
I am a difficult, far reaching climb
Not looking back or falling behind.
Persisting up, up, up
The ascent has been long.
Yet in not giving up and in the pressing on
I hear the sound of a new song.
At the top of me with my streams and my falls
Is a majestic view – one over all.
To behold my King from the top of me
Empowers new listening and new eyes to see.
How immeasurably I am loved, how immensely I am blessed!
I am home as this mountain, no longer a guest.
The land of my promise, the land that is free
I am finally right where You’ve called me to be.

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